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Breakfast and Brunch

Breakfast and Brunch

The alarm clock sounds. The children wake up hungry for breakfast.Pets want
food and attention. There are showers to take, teeth to brush, shoes and socks to
find. There are workouts to squeeze in, lunches to pack, and jobs to get to.
Sound familiar? Most of us are busy from the moment our feet hit the ground.
My family is no exception. Even the weekends, which can be a respite from the
usual hustle and bustle, are usually hectic. Saturday and Sunday quickly fill up
with softball and volleyball practice, yard work, errands galore, and time with
family and friends. It is hard to imagine we have time for any sort of breakfast,
much less a healthy one.
Many of us are told from a tender age that breakfast is the most important
meal of the day. The link between children who eat breakfast, particularly a
healthy one with nutrients and fiber, and academic success is well established.
Research aside, starting the day with a healthy meal, complete with whole foods,
may just feel good to you as it does to me, as right and proper as a hot shower
and a cup of coffee. Enter a Vita mix blender! In this chapter, we explore all of
the healthy, delicious, and fast ways that you can start your day.
Drink Your Breakfast
When you think about making breakfast in your Vita mix, many of you will think
first of making a smoothie or whole-fruit or whole-vegetable juice. This sort of
drink can be quickly assembled and can use whatever produce you have in your
fruit bowl, crisper, or freezer. You can even put portioned smoothie ingredients
into bags for easy morning prep! The potential combinations are nearly endless.
We’ve included a handful of delicious smoothies here, but chapter 8, “Drinks,”
offers many other recipes you may want to consider for your morning meal.
More Than Just Smoothies
Smoothies aren’t the only healthy breakfast choice, of course. In this chapter,
you will also find delicious recipes for quick breads, muffins, and breakfast
cakes. How do you use Vita mix blenders to make foods like these? Vita mix
machines have always been more than blenders. Dry ingredients can be chopped
and ground, and wet ingredients are whipped, blended, or mixed together in the
Vita mix. Wet ingredients get stirred into dry, and presto! The batter gets poured
into a loaf pan, a cake pan, or muffin tins and into the oven it goes. (You will
also learn how to make your own flours for some of these recipes in a Vita mix
dry grains container.) In almost no time at all, your kitchen will smell amazing,
and your stomach will be rumbling!
After they have cooled, the quick breads and muffins in this chapter freeze
beautifully. Consider making an extra batch of your favorite recipe, so you have
a healthy breakfast or snack on hand even on your busiest days, especially when
slathered with a homemade nut butter or fruit spread. To freeze quick breads,
cool the bread completely. Wrap the slices individually in foil and store in a
freezer-safe bag or a container with a tight-fitting lid to prevent freezer burn.
Slices can be thawed at room temperature. Leave a wrapped slice or two on the
counter before you go to sleep, and they will be thawed and ready to eat by

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