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Into every life, some sweetness must fall. Dessert is as right a part of life as
sunshine, laughter, and hugs, all simple things that can bring us great joy. My
grandpa brought sweetness to our lives. He loved to laugh. He was a master of
funny faces, jokes, and silly stories. Do you remember Mount Tooska-Ooska
Wooska-Choo from the introduction? Fun doesn’t have to be complicated. It can
be simple and delightfully easy. Grandpa also had more ideas than he knew what
to do with, many of which he figured out how to make happen. For example, he
decided to get a pilot’s license in his forties and discovered that he loved to fly.
My uncle Grove once said that flying “gave him a freedom that he couldn’t
justify in his mind otherwise.”
I have a great story that involves both flying and his love of a good joke.
When I was looking at colleges, Grandpa offered to fly me out west to look at a
school. Before we stopped in Lincoln, Nebraska, to refuel, my ever-mischievous
grandpa decided to play a practical joke on the airport staff. When he radioed
ahead, he announced that he was about to land with a princess—he made up the
country I was from—and asked if the airport staff had the red carpet ready. There
was much confusion among the ground staff, but Grandpa Bill cheerfully
insisted that he had called ahead and that not having a red carpet would be a
great insult to the princess. A teenager at the time, I cringed and blushed as my
grandpa cheerfully chatted on the radio. I wanted to disappear. When we landed,
an airport employee rushed to the plane and spread out his coat, the best the staff
could come up with on short notice. I emerged, mortified, from the plane, and
good old Grandpa had the whole ground crew in stitches, laughing together at
his joke.
Just as my grandpa made joy out of the simplest situations, you can use your
Vitamix blender to take simple ingredients and transform them into joyfully
delicious desserts. The recipes in this chapter will show you twenty-nine
different ways to satisfy your sweet tooth. You will learn about desserts that have
little added sugar, lots of whole fruits, and other delicious and nutritious
ingredients. Some of the treats, particularly the frozen desserts, will come
together in minutes. The cakes, cookies, crisps, and truffles will take a little
longer, but will be worth the wait. Who knew eating whole foods could be so
sweet, so satisfying?

Baked Desserts

In chapter 2, you learned how a Vitamix blender can help you make delicious
quick breads, and here we will show you the cakes and cookies that you can
whip up just as easily. By mixing up the wet ingredients in the Vitamix machine,
you can use fruit in place of some or all of the refined sugar that you might need
otherwise. In Batter Cake with Bing Cherries, you use pitted dates with a little
agave nectar for sweetness. The dates give the cake a deep, satisfying flavor. In
Carrot Cake, a combination of canned pineapple in its own juice and raisins are
used in lieu of sugar. Banana Drops, a homey vegan cookie, get delicious fruit
flavor and a moist, tender texture from bananas pureed with a little vanilla, oil,
and oats.
You can also use the Vita mix to pulse together delicious crisp toppings. In
Apple-Ginger Crisp, cornflakes, whole wheat flour, crystallized ginger, and
coconut oil are combined to create a crunchy vegan topping for apples. Top this
quintessentially fall dessert with Apple Pie Ice Cream or Cashew Crema if you
like. For Vegan Fruit Crumble, whole wheat flour, cornmeal, almonds,
unsweetened coconut, pitted dates, and coconut oil are pulsed with spices and
baking powder to form a biscuit-like topping for peaches and blueberries. This
crisp is wonderful on its own, yet heavenly when served with Peach Soy Sorbet.

Frozen Desserts

One of the wonders of a Vita mix blender is its unique ability to take simple
ingredients, some of them frozen, and transform them into delicious, spoonable
frozen treats. Eighteen of the desserts in this chapter—including Apple Pie Ice
Cream, Coconut-Pineapple Sherbet, Pink Grapefruit Granita, and Strawberry
Yogurt Freeze—are all examples of this kind of dessert. Any of these would be
delicious topped with fresh fruit, scooped into a cone, or capped with Mixed
Berry Puree or Cashew Crema for an over-the-top—no pun intended—treat.
These desserts can be enjoyed right away or packed into a freezer-safe container
with a tight-fitting lid for later. Remember to follow the blending instructions
carefully to ensure delightfully simple, yummy success every time. Keep in
mind that the same machine that can make hot soup can quickly transform a
creamy, scoopable treat into a cold smoothie in very little time!
A healthy diet need not be all sacrifice. By making your sweet treats at home
and using whole fruits and whole grains, you can satisfy your cravings and get a
few more servings of whole food at the same time. Delicious food and peace of
mind: What could be sweeter?

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